Have a Great Weekend

I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend lined up.  We are expecting some serious snow so hopefully my back will be ready for work next week.

The Fourth Dimension of CNC WORKHOLDING

DMT WORKHOLDING provides the highest quality fixtures by mastering the most difficult elements of our manufacturing in house.  Deep hole drilling is one of the most critical elements in our [...]

That’s a wrap on 2018

Every year DMT WORKHOLDING wraps up the holiday season in January with our annual Christmas party.  The team had a great meal, some laughs, and reflection on 2018.  Reconnecting and meeting new [...]

DMT WORKHOLDING Deep Hole Drilling

The last 20 years of my life has been working in high production manufacturing.  During that time I have worked with some incredibly talented people time.  On a daily basis I am humbled and proud [...]

Just a touch of blue

Here at DMT we do everything we can to reduce / eliminate change over.  When there isn’t a choice due to part mix or other reasons we do everything we can to make a change over as intuitive [...]