Just a touch of blue

Here at DMT we do everything we can to reduce / eliminate change over.  When there isn’t a choice due to part mix or other reasons we do everything we can to make a change over as intuitive [...]

Effective Vendor Partnerships

I had a great interaction with a vendor of ours this week.  They focused on the problem with a great deal of urgency and went above the norm to help resolve an issue we were having.  Focusing on [...]

Workholding Fixture Flexibility Built In

DMT is focused on making sure your fixture functions consistently no matter where you move it in your operation. We know that many of our customers often move fixtures to different machines and [...]

Another Busy Day at DMT Workholding

Busy weekend ahead of team DMT.  Doing what needs to be done to meet our customer’s end of year needs. Large fixture projects, small fixture projects are all in a day’s work for the [...]