Custom Workholding Fixtures

Custom workholding fixtures are the heartbeat at DMT. We design and manufacture the best hydraulic, pneumatic, and manual CNC custom workholding fixture products in the industry. We use our wealth of design and manufacturing experience coupled with the latest technology to deliver the most appropriate and effective custom fixture for your needs. We consider every element of the fixture to ensure your project is the most efficient and effective as possible. Our fixtures deliver the most repeatable and accurate production outcomes in the industry.

Custom Workholding fixturing manufacturer

Each custom workholding fixture design is developed with these DMT Core Attributes:

  1. Hydraulic & Pneumatic Supply Options:
    •  Through the pallet
    •  Overhead rotary union
    •  Disconnect
    •  ZPS system
  2. The Right Base for the Right Application:
    •  We use cast iron bases to provide superior vibration dampening, internal plumbing, chip management, and rigidity
    •  We use steel weldment bases to provide a shorter lead-time, and partial- to full-internal plumbing
    •  We use aluminum or steel boltment bases to provide short lead times, and partial- to full-internal plumbing
  3. Part & Clamp Confirmation: We use part detection & clamp verification to ensure your parts are loaded precisely and the clamps are out of the way.
  4. Quick Change Fixture & Change-Over: At DMT we have numerous partners and extensive experience when it comes to quick-change applications.

DMT WORKHOLDING Fixtures Feature

Hydraulic Workholding Fixtures with Integrated Hydraulics, Sensors, Clamps, and Sub-Plates

Manual Workholding Fixtures for Clamping Unique Parts Accurately and Consistently

Custom Designed Hydraulic or Manual Workholding Fixtures Are Engineered to the Customers’ Requirements

Common Strategies Include: Trunnion, Modular, and Tombstone Designs

Horizontal Workholding Fixtures

At DMT WORKHOLDING we produce horizontal fixtures that compliment any automated or manual machining operation. Our tombstone fixtures provide unprecedented chip wash, part sensing, rigidity, and chatter and vibration dampening.

Turnkey Workholding Solutions

We at DMT WORKHOLDING are adept at working hand in hand with OEM Machine Manufacturers with turnkey solutions to support their customer’s needs. We produce hydraulic and manual fixtures for all types of workholding environments for both low- and high-volume production applications and offer a full line of support products, equipment, and service to resolve any manufacturing challenge.

Fixture Design Project Management

Our dedicated team at DMT WORKHOLDING has maintained a 98%+ on-time delivery record on our workholding systems. Our proprietary workholding scheduling and project management system is designed and implemented to ensure you have a current production schedule detailing your latest revisions and delivery time.

Custom Internal Scheduling
workholding fixture build timeline
  • It’s not necessarily always cost.  Sometimes it comes down to KNOWING a company can do the job, and that’s why we’ll go to DMT for the most complex jobs.

    Jon B.
  • Fixtures represent about 10-15% of the value of the project but can be major headaches if it’s wrong. …DMT’s is our partner and are great for large parts, heavy parts – heavy duty. For us they work well for customers like caterpillar.  

    Richard E.
  • DMT is Turnkey and integration.  If we need a total system, then most other suppliers drop off the list.  They know how to design and build the full realm of a system.  They have good technology, innovation and they’re easy to work with.

    Charlie U.
  • DMT's greatest strength is versatility; their ability to take on an entire project--from design to implementation--and their ability to integrate with our other pieces of equipment. They truly understand the project and demonstrate that ability by doing what they said they would.

    Mike M.
  • DMT was selected by our OEM supplier, but once we saw their work we liked it. They know machining. They understand CNC. There is no learning curve. Cost is important but time and quality is even more critical. I stick with people I can trust.

    Jim L.
  • One thing that sets DMT apart is the amount of detail they provide. They’re really good at that. You’ll get a higher quality fixture. They’re good people who know their stuff.

    Dan S.
  • What matters most when selecting a workholding company is seeing their work and knowing in advance how they’re going to support you. …There is no one else who does what DMT does as well as they do.

    Joe S.
  • We choose to work with DMT because of the quality of their products and their design capabilities.  When you work with DMT you know it’s going to turn out right.  You can count on what you are going to get.  

    Craig H.
  • Our experience is that DMT is a terrific supplier and their people are highly skilled, professional, and customer driven. We see DMT as a benchmark supplier.

    Jim C.

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