DMT Legacy

We had a great visit from a long time customer today. During our review of their current fixture build they brought up some old memories of special machines we built for them in the past. DMT has [...]

4 Sided – 16 Parts Up

4 sided 16 parts up 8 complete each cycle. There is a lot going on under the surface of this casting. We do all of our own machining in house including deep hole drilling. My team makes deep hole [...]

Precision Parts

Team DMT is wrapping up some of the detail components for this 12 up 500mm horizontal application. This project helps our customer move off of a tired HAAS two operation process into a 12 up 12 [...]

8 Parts – Zero Change-over

Wrapping up a 6 fixture build. Two different overhead rotary options that are interchangeable, 8 different part variants with zero change over, coolant datum flush, and datum air sensing. Give us [...]

12 Parts Up

Helping with an upgrade from a 2 op process and helping our customer get the most out of their cycle. This 12 parts up and 12 complete each cycle eliminates a tolerance stack up, reduces cycle [...]

Welcome to DMT Workholding We recently added a quick video to our website to give our customers a peak into our operation here at DMT. We have a great team and many exciting things happening here. [...]

E-Vehicle Portfolio

Team DMT just wrapped up a 32 fixture build for an electric vehicle project. This adds to our extensive electric vehicle fixture portfolio. In 2019 80% of our automotive orders were related to [...]

Captain Hook

Standard components such as clamp arms are always our plan when designing our fixtures. There are times when a standard just can’t do the job. When that is the case we get as creative as [...]

Custom Interface Solutions

Rotary union riser Friday. At DMT we interface hydraulics and pneumatics in every way imaginable. We work with ZPS, Vero S, Stark Zero point, overhead rotary unions, and through the pallet [...]

20 Tons of Lifting Power

We are currently manufacturing fixtures to hold parts ranging from 1 pound to 20,000 pounds. We can handle the spectrum of workholding challenges. Our 20 ton crane makes it look easy when [...]