Spring is in the Air at DMT Workholding

I thought a nice spring picture would help raise some spirits today.  Here in Southeast Wisconsin it feels much more like the height of winter than the end.  Fortunately things are hot inside [...]

DMT Workholding Office Updates

We recently upgraded our front office to make it better for everyone. This includes desks that allow you to sit or stand. A comfortable engineer is a productive engineer. We would love to have [...]

DMT Making Workholding Industry News

We are excited to see a shot of one of the fixtures we have supplied to BEST Flow Line Equipment in their post today.  It is great to be partnered with a company like BEST that is investing in [...]

Out of the Office – Into The Shop

Its been another busy week.  We are wrapping up a few projects and preparing for our customers to review.   I even got away from the desk and meetings for a bit. ​Give us a call we can help:  [...]

Compound Angles in Custom Fixturing

This was a fun project for a complicated, thin walled casting with about as many angles as could be designed into it.  Let the DMT team be part of your team and remove the mystery of some of your [...]

Workholding Done Well

Spending the day with some great customers. Here at DMT we believe in rolling up our sleeves and doing what is necessary to get the details we need to exceed our customer’s expectations. It [...]

Christmas Tree Workholding Fixtures

When you’re around workholding fixtures as often as I am you can start to see almost anything in a fixture. I might just hold onto this one until Christmas and put a star on top of it. [...]

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