Just a touch of blue

Here at DMT we do everything we can to reduce / eliminate change over.  When there isn’t a choice due to part mix or other reasons we do everything we can to make a change over as intuitive [...]

Training Future Engineers

Spent the weekend teaching myself and the neighborhood kids how to disassemble a nearly 50 year old front axle.  Coolest tool award went to the impact wrench.  They couldn’t resist it.

The Next Generation of Engineers

My son has graduated from lawn mowers to V8’s this weekend. Doing my part to create a capable adult that isn’t afraid to work with his hands and his mind. Who knows maybe he will be designing, [...]

International Woman’s Day

We are grateful to honor a couple of our team members today on International Women’s Day.  Missy and Dacia are critical members of our team and we are thrilled to have them. ​Give us a call [...]