Look Into My Fixture…..

This fixture base has some mesmerizing machining patterns that caught my eye today.  This is going to be a cool fixture when it is completed.  It incorporates hole clamps, swing clamps, and edge [...]

Flexibility In Custom Workholding Fixtures

I have been affectionately referring to this project as the chicken feeder fixture.  This fixture really packs a punch with the ability to hold ~30 different part numbers with about half of them [...]

V- Block Datum Fixtures

Do you have a round part that may not be consistently round or maintain its’ diameter?  A simple v block datum structure may not provide the accuracy you need.  DMT has you covered with our [...]

Ready for Customer Runoff & Approval

Ready for sample parts and customer approval. DMT ensures full functionality of our fixtures before shipment. We know without a doubt that the fixture functions as designed and how it impacts the [...]

Deep Hole Fixtures

In the land of Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers we aren’t afraid to go deep. DMT has the tools and know how to do all of our own deep hole drilling in house.  We do everything possible to keep [...]

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