Captain Hook

Standard components such as clamp arms are always our plan when designing our fixtures. There are times when a standard just can’t do the job. When that is the case we get as creative as [...]

Dual Spindle / Quick Change

Aluminum base fixtures running on a trunnion, vertical, dual spindle machine. Quick change fixtures, under 50 pounds each, manual or robot load capable. The fixtures hold two similar parts with [...]

One of our machine OEM partners needed two of these trunnion style 4th axis fixtures. Our design included numerous elements that provide feedback to the machine. Specifically they have part [...]

Crunch Time for 5 Axis Fixtures

We are in the final throes of this five axis fixture project.  These fixtures are 90% aluminum to deal with the weight constraints.  Application is for thin wall aluminum shock towers.  Last two [...]

Seeing Double

We just wrapped up these test stands for a great customer of ours.  This is a great partnership because they are looking for a supplier that can provide the mechanical elements of their systems [...]

Automation Partners

These fixtures work in unison with an overhead rail robotic system.  Designed from the ground up for an automated cell, equipped with overhead rotary union, datum coolant flush, part present air [...]


Wrapping up a week from LA to the Santa Rosa area.  It has been a rough year for fires this year but I was very happy not so see any activity during this trip.  Great visits to current customers [...]

Risk and Reward

I learned at a young age that taking risks could be fun and painful at times.  This was the day I got my first motorcycle and if I remember correctly I wrecked it about 20 minutes after this [...]

Final Testing Underway

Quality is of utmost importance to DMT.  We conduct cycle tests, and two different pressure decay tests on 100% of our fixtures. The owners of this fixturing made the trip from Utah this week to [...]

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