Just a touch of blue

Here at DMT we do everything we can to reduce / eliminate change over.  When there isn’t a choice due to part mix or other reasons we do everything we can to make a change over as intuitive [...]

Look Into My Fixture…..

This fixture base has some mesmerizing machining patterns that caught my eye today.  This is going to be a cool fixture when it is completed.  It incorporates hole clamps, swing clamps, and edge [...]

Flexibility In Custom Workholding Fixtures

I have been affectionately referring to this project as the chicken feeder fixture.  This fixture really packs a punch with the ability to hold ~30 different part numbers with about half of them [...]

V- Block Datum Fixtures

Do you have a round part that may not be consistently round or maintain its’ diameter?  A simple v block datum structure may not provide the accuracy you need.  DMT has you covered with our [...]

Ready for Customer Runoff & Approval

Ready for sample parts and customer approval. DMT ensures full functionality of our fixtures before shipment. We know without a doubt that the fixture functions as designed and how it impacts the [...]

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