No Chip Guard Monday

Finishing up the machining on this 10′ long cast iron spindle slide base.  Off to grind and then onto a machine builder partner of ours that will couple this and the saddle we are doing for [...]

Hydraulic Tests Complete

DMT conducts a barrage of tests on each fixture we produce.  Rigidity, reliability, and repeatability are what we focus on and what we test for. This is a quick video of a fixture we are wrapping [...]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Have a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day. We don’t need luck but just in case we made it easy to find every day 🙂 Give us a call we can help 262-644-5000

Make DMT Your Automation Partner

Another great project with our partners over at JTEKT Toyoda Americas Corporation and State Machine Tool Co., Inc. Check out the video. Give us a call we can help 262-644-5000

What’s really behind the Scales?

I jump out of bed and run to work every morning because of the plethora of opportunities to learn.   Today was another great example.  If you are in the machining world you know what glass scales [...]

Three Faced

Highest part density and short tools was the directive from our customer.  We developed a three sided tombstone that not only met the weight criteria but also allowed for three parts up and the [...]

Out of this World

Weight can be the enemy of rigid work holding.  This is an example of some of the creativity that comes from the DMT design team to combat weight.  With a cored center and extensive weight saving [...]

Christmas in February

DMT is excited to have taken delivery of a new OKUMA Genos M560-V today.  This is a great addition to our line-up of machines including, Toyoda Verticals, Kuraki Bar, Toshiba R13 and R18 Bars, [...]

Risk and Reward

I learned at a young age that taking risks could be fun and painful at times.  This was the day I got my first motorcycle and if I remember correctly I wrecked it about 20 minutes after this [...]

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