DMT WORKHOLDING Deep Hole Drilling

The last 20 years of my life has been working in high production manufacturing.  During that time I have worked with some incredibly talented people time.  On a daily basis I am humbled and proud of the staff here at DMT WORKHOLDING.  They make difficult and amazing things look simple and nearly effortless.

This project is for a new aerospace customer of ours.  They are utilizing a Toyoda SB216 bridge mill that will collaborate with this fairly large fixture that is ~5 feet by 8 feet.  The engineers at DMT WORKHOLDING were able to design this fixture to hold multiple part numbers in two different orientations with nearly zero change over.

DMT WORKHOLDING utilizes Toshiba horizontal boring mills to machine the large plates, castings, and weldments used in our fixture designs.  DMT WORKHOLDING’s manufacturing team has mastered the art of deep hole drilling.  This design required gun drilled lines the entire length of the plate.  I am amazed and impressed everytime I see this challenging applications when I see light at the other end once the drill meets in the middle.  Now it is time to debur, borescope, and ready for assembly.  More to come.

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